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Last Pull is a guild on the Blackwater Raiders server. We are good friends, and have good times. We enjoy all aspects of the game. A lot of the members have know each other for many years, and some have had experience in raiding up to 13 years. We are a semi-hardcore guild who enjoys learning new fights during new content release. When it comes to our raids we like to use the philosophy "This is how we choose to spend our free time, so we want to accomplish as much as possible." If you are interested feel free to contact an officer (list of officers is available at the bottom of this page). 

Conclave down

5th boss has fallen.

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5/9 H Battle of Daz'alor

Oppulence down

4th boss has fallen.

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4/9 H Battle of Daz'alor

Jadefire Masters down

3 down, 6 to go.

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3/9 H Battle of Daz'alor

Grong the Jungle Lord down

Monkey down.

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2/9 H Battle of Daz'alor

Champion of Light down

Battle for Daz'alor is here, 1 down.

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1/9 H Battle of Daz'alor

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5/9 (H)
9/9 (N)

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8/8 (H)
8/8 (N)

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